The OraKrill wouldn’t be the serious, independent, unbiased, viral sensation it is without all of the crew and special personnel of the good ship Nuyina. Thank you to all on board but particularly contributors of crosswords, comics, articles, advertisements, photos and general tomfoolery below. (If you’re ever looking for a letter of recommendation this Editor will write you one).

  • Henry “Belot the Belt” Belot – Staffer, winner of the Young Krillface Award
  • Jackson “That’s my chair” Ryan – Science Editor, did not win an award on this voyage, maybe next one
  • Anton “Krill Whisperer” Rocconi – Cartoonist and beloved Quizmaster
  • Tess “Compass Whisperer” Chapman – Crossword Editor and new member of the Wiggles
  • Dr Deirdre “Donuts” McCormack – Good Sport
  • The Sound Witches three, Flloyd, Alison and Jill and their three sided “Octagon”
  • The Galley Staff, Cooks and Stewards for being the subject of admiration of many articles
  • William “Eleanor” Rigby – Also Cartoonist (Unless Anton is reading, Will didn’t draw anything!)
  • Dr Jonathan “The Commander” Kool – Aliens
  • Submitters of photos – Jeff “F-f-f-fuel” Miller, Pete “Drone” Harmsenn
  • The VL and DVL who saw and read nothing, they swear
  • Vox pop’s stars Dr Wendy, Dr David, Tony, Rhino, Will, Expo Tom, Mick and Crew Tom
  • your Editor in Krill, Dane “least likely to have seen a golf ball” Brookes

And as always RIP the SVS.